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Atelier Populaire, La lutte continue, France May 1968

Josiah Warren, Cincinnati Time Store, United States 1827 – 1830


Protect 21 is a social project that aims to contribute to solving the prominent life issues recognized in the early decades of the 21st century – that are expected to have a strong influence in the following years or the entire century.


The project specifically focuses on three main issues:

+ Threats from the digital world and new technology

+ Urban environment

+ Food safety


Initiated by artist and designer Tra Nguyen in early 2021, the project’s activities are largely based on the support of the media art language, through creative cultural campaigns to contribute to raising public awareness, changing everyday habits, inspiring new behaviours for a better and more sustainable life.


The project is in the development stage with the participation of a large number of artists, intellectuals, social activists, social organizations, units, and agencies etc. It can be affirmed that the project will not be successful without your contributions.

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The first campaign of the project entitled “Wiping the digital footprint” is a social activity to promote a change in the perception and behaviour of Vietnamese people about the data protection and privacy in cyberspace. (Click here for more information about this campaign)


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